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A Clan That Slays Together
Stays Together

X Book Cover Design is a internet company that was founded in 2018 by Joshua Bruce to help authors get the book cover designs they love. We are a team of designers, creatives, and artists who have come together to achieve one thing, designing EPIC book covers.


Since the beginning

our focus has and always will be to design eye-catching book covers for authors.


The details matter

Every part of a book cover design is important so we make sure it all comes together for you as an author without you having to do the work.

It all started with

the first book cover design.

In 2013, Joshua designed his first official book cover as a freelancer for author Rektok Ross and her book Prodigal. (book on the left)


In 2018, he founded X Book Cover Design.


Joshua Bruce

Jasmine Bruce


Kat Unsworth

Logan Feliciano

Aleksei Vinogradov


Greg Rutkowski

"Joshua is truly brilliant! I was impressed with his ability to capture my vision from the first draft as well his flexibility in implementing my revisions - and all delivered so quickly. I would highly recommend Joshua to any author who would like to invest in the marketability of their book - he is professional and a pleasure to work with."

- Sara Kane, Author of Floundering