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How do I get started?

Our book cover design process is pretty straight forward. First, decide if you need just a eBook or both a print and ebook cover designed. Then choose a book cover design package and fill out our book cover design order form. We also sell premade book cover designs here.


I like your book cover designs but I don’t see any examples that are the same genre as my book.

We design book covers for all genres, so if you don’t see one that lines up with your books genre specifically don’t worry.


How do I know if you can design me the right cover?

Take a look at our recent work and decide for yourself if you we’re right for you. Our specialty is book cover design so our job is to create authors the best book cover designs that fit their books.


What information should I provide when I order?

We ask for basic things on our book cover order form like your books title, author name, subtitle, etc. and a few other things just to make sure we have enough information before we start your design.


What happens once I’ve submitted a book cover design order form?

After you’ve completed our book cover design order form and have paid in full we will begin the book cover design process.


What if I don’t like the design?

If you don’t like the design we send you of your book cover, feel free to email us back with any specific revisions/changes you want made and we will fix your book cover ASAP.


What happens once I’m happy with my book cover?

Once you are happy with the cover design we have created for your book we will then put together all of your final files and send them over to you via email.


I have a synopsis for the back cover, but am still waiting on
an endorsement.

No problem, just send us what you have so far for the back cover content and we can always add more later on.


Do I have to pay all upfront?

Yes, before we even begin the book cover design process we ask that our clients pay in full upfront. We charge a flat rate fee so there are no hidden charges.


How experienced are we?

We have over 10+ years experience in book cover design/illustration on our team.


Can I supply an image for the cover?

Of course you can! Simply attach the image to our book cover design order form when you are filling that out and we will make sure to use it on your cover.


What does the book cover design fee NOT include?

The flat rate fee we charge for a book cover design does not include the separate cost of custom illustration or any other extras you may want.


Where are you based?

We are based out of Grand Rapids, MI.


How long will it take to get my book cover designed?

It usually takes us about 3-5 days to design a custom book cover. If you’re ordering a premade book cover design we can usually get that done in 1-2 days.


Do you guys really provide unlimited revisions?

Yes, as a part of our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee we will make the necessary changes until you’re completely happy with the cover we’ve designed.


Can I order an e-book cover design now and upgrade to a print book cover later?

Most definitely!


What is your schedule/availability?

We are always available to design more books covers at anytime.


I published a book already, but would like to revamp the
cover. Can you create a new book cover for me?

Yes, of course! Simply choose a book cover design package, fill out our book cover design order form, and pay, then will get started on your new design. Make sure to attach a picture of your old book cover on our order form so we know what we’re working with.


What genres do you work with?

All genres.


How does the cover design process work?

First choose a package, then fill out our book cover design order form, then pay. At this point you will have to wait for us to finish your design which will only take about 3-5 days and then will send your cover back to you via email to review.


Should I wait until I have a final page count to order my
print book cover?

If you don’t have the final page count of your book you can always send it to us later.


What should I put on the back cover of my print book?

Write out 2-3 paragraphs about your book without giving away to much and maybe include a few testimonials from your readers. There is no specific guideline to how exactly you should have your back cover.


How does the payment for a book cover work?

After you fill out out our book cover design order form you will be automatically redirected to the payment page. We use PayPal as our payment processor so you don’t have to sign up or anything. Once paid we will begin the book cover design process and send over your cover once we’re done.


How do I contact you?

Email us at xbookcoverdesign@gmail.com